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10 Reasons Activated Charcoal Should Be In Every Home

Activated charcoal is made from coal, wood and other substances. It’s activated when producers use high temperatures and an activating agent to expand its surface area.

Egyptians found that charcoal can be used as a preservative. They were the first to recognize the antibacterial and antifungal properties of charcoal. The innovation helped them preserve wood from rotting in wet conditions.

Egyptian papyri from 1500 BC witness the first medicinal use of charcoal. It was first used to absorb unpleasant odors from putrefying wounds. Hippocrates used it to treat vertigo, anthrax, chlorosis and epilepsy.

A true miracle happened in 1830. A professor took a lethal dose of strychnine in front of his colleagues at the French Academy of Medicine. He could do this only because he had taken activated charcoal as well.

10 uses of activated charcoal

  1. Poison antidote

It’s one of its most common uses. Activated charcoal traps chemicals and toxins in its pores. Emergency rooms use it to treat several types of poisoning. It’s tasteless and odorless, and reduces poisons by 60%. It works in the stomach and the intestines. Experts believe that it’s more powerful than stomach pumping.

Activated charcoal has negative electric charge on its surface and it attracts positively charged toxins and gas. Keep in mind that activated charcoal is not the charcoal you use in your BBQ grill. The latter is loaded with chemicals and toxins.

The FDA categorized it as Category 1 safe and effective for acute poisoning.

  1. Flatulence and bloating

It relieves stomach discomfort, flatulence and bloating. Activated charcoal binds gas-causing by-products in food. You can take it as a pill, powder or liquid. If you are using a powder, add it to non-acidic juices. Take 2 capsules between meals.

You can also take it as a preventative measure. Take 500 mg an hour before your meal, and drink at least 12 ounces of water.

  1. Tooth stains

Use activated charcoal to remove coffee or tea stains. It absorbs plaque and microscopic compounds, and prevents gum disease, bad breath, and cavities. It’s black, but efficient.

Your teeth will be smooth and clean as if you have performed a professional cleaning.

All you have to do is combine activated charcoal and water into a paste. You’ll need about 1-2 capsules. Brush your teeth with the black paste, and leave it on for 3 minutes. Rinse well.

Activated charcoal doesn’t remove natural discolorations.

  1. Hangover

Activated charcoal eases the elimination of toxins that contribute to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is often mixed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals, and activated charcoal will remove this. Make sure you try it next time you have a few more drinks. Studies have shown that it reduces alcohol concentrations in blood.

  1. Clean toxic mold

Mold causes skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, irritated throat, coughing and wheezing. It’s everywhere around you. Mold can affect your brain and immune system. It often leads to depression, heart disease, vomiting and kidney/liver failure. It can enter your home from the tiniest hole or via your pets, shoes or clothes.

Take a capsule of activated charcoal to soak up the effect of mycotoxins. Consult your doctor if you notice anything strange. Don’t forget to clean and air out your home regularly.

  1. Filter water

Your tap water contains solvents, industrial waste, pesticides and chemicals. Most water filtration systems use activated charcoal to eliminate impurities. It can also remove fluoride from your water.

Drink plenty of purified water throughout the day to help your body do its work properly.

  1. Healthy digestion

Toxins burden your digestive system and affect your immunity. You may also end up dealing with nasty allergies. Use charcoal to boost your energy, relieve joint pain, and improve mental function.

First, you will have to take 10 grams of charcoal about hour and a half before your meals for two days. You should only eat organic fruits and veggies, wild-caught fish and grass-fed meat. Drink plenty of warm water, otherwise you’ll be severely constipated. Add lemon and honey to your water to boost its flavor.

  1. Clearer complexion

Use charcoal as a face detox product, especially if you have acne.


  • 1 capsule of activated charcoal
  • 2 tsp. Aloe Vera gel
  • 2 drops tea tree oil

Combine the ingredients together and apply the mask on your face. Let it dry, and rinse. Charcoal will pull out any toxins and chemicals.

  1. Premature aging

Use activated charcoal to prevent premature aging and stimulate your adrenal glands. It can also help you prevent cellular damage of your liver and kidneys.

Environmental toxins make your body age faster than it normally does. Toxins are everywhere around you. In your food, water, the air you breathe…

Take two capsules of activated charcoal every day to boost your overall health and treat health issues.

  1. Soothe bug bites

Activated charcoal can help you soothe bee stings, mosquito bites, fire ant bites or spider bite. Combine it with coconut oil, and apply the resulting mixture on the affected skin area. Reapply it once every half hour until your discomfort is gone. Remember, charcoal may stain your clothes. Use a larger amount if you have been bitten by a spider.


Activated charcoal is safe for most people, but its internal use may block the absorption of supplements and prescription drugs. Check the internet for more drug interactions with activated charcoal.