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Only 3% Of Housewives Know Of This Trick! I Could Not Even Imagine It – Share

If you’re a young housewife, you’ll definitely use some of the trick we’re about to give you.

You’ll learn how to cook chicken breast properly. All you have to do is add unpeeled red onion quarters into the water. You’ll definitely love the appetizing pink hue of the meat.

Use onion peels for your soup. This will be your magic ingredient. Your broth will be rich in flavor, and you’ll adore the color. Add a handful of mushrooms, and enjoy.


Onions remove carbon deposits in pots and grills. Scrub the surface using onion halves. Rinse well with water and dish washing detergent. Onion juice neutralizes burnt odors and removes dirt.

Place onion halves on saucer filled with salt to prevent them from drying out.

Onion juice is powerful enough to remove sweat stains from clothes. Apply some of the juice on your stains, let it work, and wash your clothes as you usually do. The yellow stains will disappear completely.

Onions can help you fight mosquitoes, and and other insects. Add onion rings into a bowl with water to keep insects away from your home.

Onions will also help you remove dirt from your shoes. Use onions to clean the sole, the fabric and the leather. No more grass dirt!

Use onions to soothe insect bites, irritation and inflammation. This veggie has powerful antibacterial properties.

Onion shells soothe sore and inflamed throat. Prepare concoction using onion shells and honey.

Use onion paste to mask oily skin. Onions act as an oppressive agent on your sebaceous glands. The inflammation will soon be gone.

Use water with onion peels on your scalp to get rid of dandruff and add volume to your hair. It will also boost its growth. Use this solution after washing your hair with your regular shampoo.

Most people don’t like onions due to their odor. But, you can fight the smell with nuts. Almonds are better than any mouth-rinse.

Dry tiny onion bits to add flavor to your savory pies and other delicacies. This will make your homemade bread, bread rolls and tarts super delicious.

Source: www.homeremediescorner.com