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5 Remedies That Remove Mucus & Phlegm Fast

There is nothing more irritating than a stuffy nose and clogged sinuses. Let’s not forget the tightness in the chest area, and all the coughing. Try these remedies to eliminate mucus and phlegm Turmeric Curcumin gives turmeric its healing power. It destroys bacteria, and salt makes it even more powerful. …

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5 Herbs And Essential Oils That Can Help Reset Your Hormones

Hormones regulate your internal balance, and promote normal function of every bodily process. These are some of the primary hormones in the body: Reproductive hormones: Both genders have reproductive hormones, and any imbalance puts high risk of developing cancer. Estrogen and progesterone regulate cycles, fertility and pH values in the …

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6 Alarming Symptoms of Low Potassium Levels in the Body

Potassium is of utmost importance for our bodies, and it takes part in almost every process. Potassium deficiency affects normal body functions and affects general well-being. Potassium is important for your muscles, and let’s not forget that even your heart is a muscle. About 98% of potassium is found in …

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