The Bike Washing Machine Encourages You to Conserve Energy And Get Fit


There is no person who enjoys washing dishes or clothes, but a certain stage of our lives all we have to perform all these things.

But Chinese students have the solution to our problem. They made a machine that will let you exercise at the same time to complete these unpleasant tasks.

This machine is named BiWa, or washing machine bike, and it’s a stationary bike with installed door, drum, container and work on human power. You need to rotate the pedals over the drum with clothes, and that way, you will effectively clean the clothes.

Interestingly, if you ride a little stronger, a small screen will be turned on, which will indicate the necessary amount of exercise in order to complete the washing of clothes.

Top good thing about this invention is that it can store excess energy. Then this energy can be reused.

This incredible invention is still only a prototype, but many people desire to have in their home.

With his help you will be healthy and fit and avoid the mess of dirty clothes in your home! You will also save a lot of money and energy!

source: Healthy Food House