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10 Intensely Flavorful Microgreens Everyone Can Grow Indoors

Californian chefs add microgreens to create magic, and it’s all about their pungent flavor. microgreens have high nutritional value which is why they became increasingly popular these days. In other words, you get tons of flavor and nutrients at the same time. Microgreens are actually baby greens, so try not …

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15 Herbs That Grow Well In The Shade

Most plants need sun to grow well. But, some of them love shades, especially in hot summer days. We give you 15 plants that grow well in the shady parts of your garden. 1. Parsley (Petroselinum neapolitanum/crispum) It’s a Mediterranean herb that’s widely used in cooking. Parsley is a biennial …

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The Total Guide To Growing, Harvesting & Using Lavender

Lavender is a gorgeous perennial evergreen plant native to southern Europe and the mountains near the western border of the Mediterranean. It’s also found in areas in North and East Africa, Arabia, India, and the Canary Island. Lavender is a common ingredients in numerous personal care products. Historical use Egyptians …

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Discover 12 Foods That You Can Grow In Plastic Bottles

Have you ever considered planting your favorite flowers in plastic bottles? Yes, this is actually an amazing idea for those of you who live in small apartments. Read this article, and work on your tiny home garden.Follow our detailed instructions, and you will be amazed with the final result. You …

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12 Amazing Vinegar Uses In The Garden

If you’re passionate about your gardening, this article is the real deal for you. Stop using chemicals and pesticides on your plants, and we’ll give you a few good reasons to use vinegar to boost your gardening skills. Conventional fertilizers and pesticides are cheap and toxic. Vinegar, on the other …

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