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8 Ways your Body is Trying to Warn you About a Hormone Imbalance

Do you struggle with obesity, constipation, menstrual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, brittle hair and nails? If yes, you may be dealing with hormonal imbalance. Symptoms There are many types of hormonal imbalances, and each is accompanied with different symptoms. Fatigue and insomnia indicate adrenal dysfunction. The adrenals are responsible for the secretion of stress hormones. Fatigue, obesity, constipation, brittle nails and […]

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15 Amazing Benefits Of Paprika For Skin, Hair And Health

We all eat peppers. They make for a nice addition to salads and stews. But, paprika is the star of this article. It’s super healthy and rich in nutrients. The red pepper contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron, antioxidants and carotenoids. We give you 15 amazing benefits of […]

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Why Fermented Beets Are One Of The Best Things You Can Eat Daily

Beets are amazing. This root veggie is packed with unique nutrients that protect health. Russians eat beets regularly, and nutritionists believe that this gives them strength. Betalains and polyphenols in beets prevent heart disease, birth defects and cancer. Betaine improves liver function, and eases the elimination of toxins. Pickling is a nice option you should try. Fermented foods Only natural […]

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Complete Guide To Essential Oils (How to Use & Buy)

Can you imagine that a single drop of any essential oil has the power to improve your overall health condition, and help you deal with any ailment? Skip your prescription medication, and go natural. Essential oils are created to heal your body and mind. Their tiny molecular size helps them penetrate the skin easily, and their effect is almost instant. […]

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