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This Is Why You Need To Put Essential Oils On Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

This is an excellent article for everyone who enjoys using essential oils.

You’re probably well aware of the powers of your aromatic oils, but it’s time to learn more about their health benefits.

Apply essential oils on your feet before you go to bed to sleep better during the night. Reflexologists confirm this information, so you better try this method tonight.

There are 5 skin layers on your soles, and there are no hair follicles. This means that the skin has maximum absorbing power. In other words, anything you apply on your soles will end up directly in the bloodstream.

According to studies, the skin will absorb these oils within 20 minutes. Isn’t this great?

There are no sebaceous glands in your palms and soles. These glands produce sebum or the oily substance that affects your skin’s absorbing power. This is why you should apply the oils on your soles.

Every foot has over 72,000 nerve endings, and that’s more than the number of nerve endings in any part of the body. Practitioners in the East Asian medicine use this fact to stimulate certain points, and treat ailments.

Their medicine is based on the belief that energy meridians connect every organ in the body with a particular spot in the feet, hands, ears and face. Have you ever heard of reflexology?

Reflexology also involves the use of oils on the feet to accelerate the healing process. But, sometimes the oils are too concentrated, and it’s necessary that you use carrier oils or water to dilute them.

The good thing is that the skin on your soles isn’t that sensitive, and you can use whatever oil you prefer.

Topical application enables the oils to enter your bloodstream instead of your liver or digestive tract.

Consult a certified naturopath and determine what oil works best for your health problem. Enjoy the power of nature.


Source: dailyhealthpost.com