Each Tooth Is Associated With An Organ In The Body – Pain In Each Tooth Can Predict Problems In Certain Organs!

Do you know that your teeth are actually associated with the organs in your body? Even the slightest toothache can indicate a deeper health problem. Scientists have confirmed the relation between teeth and internal organs. Your upper and lower incisors are connected with the bladder, kidneys and ears. The canine teeth draw links with your liver and gallbladder. According to […]

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A Genius Trick To Keep Ticks From Biting You

Summer is here, and ticks are everywhere around you. Never seen one? Goudarz Molaei, a research scientists at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station says that ticks aren’t insects but arachnids with 8 legs. “People should realize that ticks do not jump. They do not fly, and they do not drop from trees,” Molaei explained. Ticks feed on blood, and they […]

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Homemade Ginger Ale

Summer is almost here, and you probably seeking for your next favorite drink. You don’t need anything that contains soda and alcohol. Have you ever tried ginger ale? This drink will soothe your cravings for sugar-packed sodas, but without all the sugar, of course. It doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or phosphoric acid. This recipe uses all-natural ingredients, and you […]

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