Is It Safe To Remove The Mold And Eat The Rest?

Mold is not just green hairy patches on the surface of the bread or velvet dots on old fruit. It turns out that these color spots visible to the naked eye, are just the spores, which are propagated and that attach to mold its color. The rest of the body, its branches and roots is difficult to detect and are […]

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Three Drinks For Cleaning The Liver And Eliminate Fat

Enjoy drinks that will renew your body and release toxins and fat … Bad diet and exposure to stress and pollution of the environment leave consequences for our health. The liver is the organ that perhaps suffers most, and if it is not working properly, it can affect other organs. We present three recipes for potions that restore the liver […]

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If You Have Back Pain You May Have E. coli!

If you have unbearable pain, and the doctors are saying that you do not have a problem with the kidneys or the spine, then it is possible to have the bacterium E. coli. It is often quite dull and with falling of immunity is back. This folk remedy will help to permanently get rid of bacteria. Ingredients for tea: 50 […]

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