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Rare Pink Moon In Libra On April : Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift!

Did you see the rare pink moon on April 11? It was one of its kind, and experts have a clear explanation for this phenomenon.

The gorgeous pink moon in Libra fuels a cosmic shift in energy, and it brings wellness to those who open their soul to it.

The pink moon got its name after the lovely pink wildflowers, Phlox. These are the very first flowers that announce spring, and so is this moon announcing the new season.

Once you open your soul to the energy, you will be able to receive major changes, and allow them improve your life.

The powers of the pink moon
  1. Energy flow

The pink moon will give you enough energy, so find the ideal way to use it. Open your body and soul to this energy, and you will experience major changes. Don’t let it turn into e negative energy.

  1. Strong intuition

Your guts will tell you a lot in this period of the year. The pink moon will boost your intuition, and you will connect with yourself. This will provide a stronger bond between your needs, desires, and plans. Follow your instinct, and let the things happen.

  1. Wake up

Open your body to the pink moon, and you will reach for a deep self-discovery. Try to re-center yourself, and your future will be a lot brighter. Now is the time to find the pathway to your success.

  1. Close connections

Your communication will rise to another level. You will strengthen the bonds with your family, so try to spend more time with your friends and family. Talk to people you haven’t seen in a while. The pink moon will improve your social life, and you will feel closer to your loved ones.

  1. Adventure

Full moon is always associated with rebirth and new beginnings. Find something you haven’t done before. It can be a new hobby, for example. Try your best, and you’ll be surprised of the way the moon will sort things out.

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